5 of the Most Common Injuries People Suffer on Subways in NYC

Death and Injury Rates across NYC MTA Subway Stations

5 of the Most Common Injuries People Suffer on Subways in NYC

When it comes to traveling from point A to point B in the sprawling metropolitan landscape of New York City, one of the most iconic methods, by far, to get around is the subway. Located deep underground, these fast-moving trains provide convenient options for long-term residents and visitors alike. Under the wrong circumstances, though, these underground tunnels can turn into death traps. In a matter of seconds, passengers and engineers can suffer severe injuries that leave them incapacitated for long periods of time and wreak tremendous havoc on their emotional wellbeing. For today, let’s take a closer look at five of the most common injuries people suffer on subways in New York City.

Fractured Bones

5 of the Most Common Injuries People Suffer on Subways in NYCMany injuries along the subways may be triggered by slip-and-fall accidents, often occurring when a passenger slips on icy steps or took a tumble as the train slid to a sudden stop. As a result, people may suffer from broken or fractured bones, depending on the severity of the incident. Ranging from stable (single crack) to comminuted (shattered), fractures are painful and always require the medical intervention of a doctor. Different methods of treatment include casts, traction, braces, pins, and immobilization.

Head and Neck Injuries

Due to sudden jolts of a train or slip-and-fall accidents, victims can also suffer from injuries to their heads or necks. One common injury is whiplash, which, as the name suggests, occurs when a person’s head thrusts forward and whips back, inflicting severe pain in the neck area below the skull. Another severe problem is a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which takes place when a person sustains a significant blow to the head.

Spinal Cord Injuries

In ensuing slip-and-fall accidents, many people can fall on their backs, resulting in injuries to the spinal column and spinal cord. In many cases, people will not necessarily severe the spinal cord after suffering a tumble, but severe damage can be inflicted on the bones.

Muscle Strain or Tear

Obviously, one of the most common injuries you can suffer along the subway system is a muscle strain or ruptured tendon. After suffering from a severe jolt or taking a fall, people can tear the muscles and connective tissues around bones, particularly if they also sustain a moderate to severe fracture.

Tumbling onto the Railway

One of the most terrifying incidents that can take place in the subway tunnels is when a person takes a tumble onto the railway tracks. Besides the aforementioned injuries, victims can also suffer from electrical or chemical burns after coming into contact with the rails. Although these accidents are extremely deadly, slipping and falling onto the subway tracks isn’t potentially life-threatening if people intervene in time.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Fayetteville, New York

Subways might be convenient methods of traveling from one place to another across the jungle of New York City, but these underground tunnels can prove to be extremely hazardous at times, especially when people do not exercise caution. In the blink of an eye, your visit to the subway can turn into a chaotic, catastrophic accident that can inflict moderate to life-threatening injuries and cause tremendous emotional distress.

Although this might be difficult, though, you must remain calm. With the assistance of a lawyer who is experienced with personal injury cases, you can gather viable resources to create a strong case in court.

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