Driving In Cold Weather In New York

Driving In Cold Weather In New York

Driving In Cold Weather In New York

Cold winters are a staple in New York. When temperatures fall, there are treacherous road conditions that occur due to ice and snow. Checking the weather forecast can help you prepare. Here are a few pointers on how to stary safe during winter road conditions.

Tips For Vehicle Safety

When temperatures are freezing, driving is extremely difficult and very different when driving in temperate weather. Driving is a normal habit for many people but in the cold, you need to break down the steps for driving so you are aware of your surroundings and prevent harmful accidents.

Check your car before you drive with this list:

  • Examine car fluids. Cold temperatures can affect your engine oil as well as your power steering fluid. You need to ensure that your vehicles’ fluids are not frozen. If you drive with frozen fluids you may create harm to your engine and to your car.
  • Test your tires. Cold temperatures often make air pressure go down. Tires may become underinflated so always make sure to add air.
  • Look at your windows. If your car has been outdoors when there is an overnight snowfall, you may need to use a scraper to get rid of ice that has frozen on your windows, your windshield, and your wipers.
  • Turn on your car and then let it run for a little bit. This will let your engine’s oil and fluids to work towards normal operation. This will also allow the snow surface on your car to melt, making it easier to remove ice and snow from headlights, the hood, and the roof.

Driving Tips

Now that you’re ready to get on the road. As you begin your drive, follow these tips:

  • Beware of your speed. Speeds that are usually safe in warm weather are most likely 10 mph faster than what is safe for icy weather.
  • Be aware of icy patches. As temperatures go up and down during the day, ice then melts and then freezes over. Because of this, icy patches look like black spots–termed black ice. Always try to avoid driving over black ice as your car may lose control.
  • Stay steady. Accelerating, turning, decelerating and braking all need more time in cold weather. You must drive slow to lessen the chance of needing to react due to unexpected situations. You may need to break at least 100 feet earlier than usual to avoid accidents.

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