How to Deal With Aggressive Drivers in NY

How to Deal With Aggressive Drivers in NY

How to Deal With Aggressive Drivers in NY

New York traffic is trying on even the most patient drivers. The congested drivers can sometimes be enough for some drivers to snap under pressure. Although most of us are fortunately able to keep our emotions under control, it is not uncommon to come across an aggressive driver.

According to SafeNY, aggressive driving can be defined as “the operation of a motor vehicle in an unsafe and hostile manner without regard for others.” There are many different ways that aggressive driving might manifest. The driver may make frequent or unsafe lane changes, fail to signal or yield the right of way, tailgate, or otherwise disregard traffic controls.

Dealing with an aggressive driver is stressful no matter what they are How to Deal With Aggressive Drivers in NYdoing, and with good reason! According to a study by the AAA Foundation, it is possible that aggressive driving plays a role in over half of all fatal crashes. While you may not be able to stop aggressive drivers, you should always be prepared in knowing how to deal with them.

Driving Defensively

You should always be engaging in defensive driving whenever you are behind the wheel. Defensive driving takes you one step further from just following the law. It means you are acting in anticipation of what other drivers might do. Driving defensively opens up your eyes to any potential hazards. There is a good chance that you employ some defensive driving techniques already. For example, always remember to use your turn signal before changing lanes or turning. This allows other drivers to anticipate your next move and drive defensively as well.

Another good defensive driving safety tip is to avoid making unprotected left turns. These are one of the riskiest driving maneuvers you can make, particularly if you are already a nervous driver. Sometimes, it may be safer and less stressful for you to make three consecutive right turns. This will keep you from driving into oncoming traffic while still getting you exactly where you need to go.

Responding to Aggressive Drivers

Unfortunately, there are times where not even all the defensive driving tactics in the world are enough to keep away aggressive drivers. If you are approached by an aggressive driver, it is important to remember not to engage. This means not making any eye contact and trying to remain relaxed. Oftentimes, even responding to aggression with calmness will only make the situation worse. Let them pass and try to drive away safely as soon as possible. If you are being followed, do not panic. Drive to the nearest police station instead.

Seeking Compensation for Personal Injury

If you or a loved one have recently been suffering personal injury as a result of an automobile accident with an aggressive driver, you have the right to seek legal help and compensation from a New York personal injury lawyer. Contact the law firm of Gattuso & Ciottoli, PLLC any time day or night at (315) 314-8000 for a free consultation drawing on over 50 years of combined legal experience. Our offices are based in Fayetteville and we proudly serve the Central New York area, including Syracuse, Watertown, Binghamton, North Syracuse, Camillus, Liverpool, Cortland, and Auburn.

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