Side-Impact Crashes In New York

Side-Impact Crashes In New York

Side-Impact Crashes In New York

In rear-end collisions, typically the driver in the rear is at-fault because they may have been driving too close to the vehicle in front of them. With head-on accidents, it’s easy to find liability. Why? Because accident reconstruction specialists are usually able to determine fault when they find out which car moved into the wrong lane, hitting the other vehicle head-on.

What Are Side-Impact Collisions?

But side-impact crashes are more complex. Which person behind the wheel is really liable for the accident? Side-impact collisions are also called T-bone or broadside crashes and they take place when the front-end of a car collides into the side of another car. Side-impact accidents typically occur in intersections.

In one year, there were 9,000 deaths, 29 percent of all occupant fatalities, due to side impact.

The Main Causes Of Side-Impact Collisions

What causes T-bone or side-impact accidents? Mostly it’s the lack of yielding the right of way.

In many two-vehicle accidents, the driver whose car hits the side of the other car is found at fault and is liable. This is caused because the driver drove through a stop sign without stopping, ran a red light or moved against oncoming traffic. Of course as with any collision, the higher the speed, the more harm can take place and there is more chance of serious injury or even fatalities.

Side-impact collisions can cause severe injuries even at low speeds. For people who are on the side of the vehicle that was hit, the serious injuries that were most common is an injury to the chest, lower extremities, the head, and pelvis.

Retaining The Services Of A New York Attorney

With a personal injury lawyer on your side, you have an effective way to protect yourself after an accident. If you or a loved one has been hurt due to a side-impact crash, retain our services to learn more about what your rights are, what your options are, and the most effective way to get the justice you are due.

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