Train Safety Tips In New York

Train Safety Tips In New York

Train Safety Tips In New York

With over 6 million car accidents per year that lead to injuries in 2.35 million people, you may think traveling by train offers a safer alternative to the automobile. Statistically, it is. One reason is that there are far more automobiles on the roads than there are trains. Trains also have a more controlled environment to operate where there is significantly less control on the open roads.

For all the safety they offer, they are not without risk and accidents do happen. If you are planning to ride a train for the first time, or if you are a regular rider it is beneficial to know some safety tips.

Having A Plan

Strategic planning will set you up to have the things you need to protect your health and safety. If you are disabled, you can still ride a train safely and comfortably. Rail systems have information that disabled individuals and those with health concerns can use to best accommodate their specialized needs. They also provide resources regarding how to properly plan your trip so that you can have a smooth ride with the rest you need between stops on your route. Rail systems also supply the information you need to know such as what to pack, information on hotels at your destination, and baggage to name a few.

Station Safety

As you would anywhere you go, there are always risks. There can be hazards that may cause you to slip and fall so being aware of your surroundings can reduce your risk for injury. Likewise, always keep your distance from the edge of the train platform until it is time to board, as directed by the train crew. Keep all of your personal items together in a bag that will allow you to have use of your hands. And stay alert to your surroundings in case of an emergency.

After You Board The Train

Stay seated or hold on to the bars until the train comes to a complete stop and the crew indicates it is safe to get up and move about. Familiarizing yourself with the emergency exits and pay attention to instructions provided regarding safety procedures is advisable.

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